What does 1986 mean to you?

– I was 23 (for most of it)
– Some of the musical hits of 1986 were “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco and “Take my breath away” by Berlin.
Lovejoy made its first appearance, as did Bread and Brush Strokes.
– The space shuttle Challenger exploded killing all 7 on board.
– Top Gun was the highest grossing film of 1986.
– The world’s first test tube twins were born in London.
– The Sega Master System was the must have console of the day.

But what about today 25 years ago?

Well today, as far as I am concerned, 25yrs ago is the day I married my sweetheart and friend.

I remain a blessed, amazed, stunned, delighted and thankful man.

Blessed to have met someone as wonderful as my Kathryn.
Amazed that she was prepared to take me on in a very rough and ready state.
Stunned that we are still together after more than 30yrs (at least 5 pre wedding).
Delighted that we still are and still working at it.
Thankful, constantly, for all the blessings she has brought and will bring to my life.

I love you babes.

Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

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