I originally posted this on my church Tech blog but as I sold the name to an interested party I have had to move this here…

So.. the original background is that I was tagged on Facebook, where I don’t do memes, to list 25 things about me. Instead I did them here.

1. I’ve never, ever watched an entire game of football (soccer) in my life but I have played in several.

2. Rugby Union is and always was my passion.

3. I work shifts and when coming home in the early hours I’ve deliberately gone through red lights! I don’t understand why in this day and age all lights aren’t traffic sensitive and I have to wait 5 minutes at an empty junction.

4. I have never broken a bone in my body.

5. I first used ‘email’ in 1988 – with the first google reference to me on the internet being 1993 – but had used inter BBS messages since 1986.

6. I used to run a BBS – it was called “Sanity Going” on the GTPower network. I was Net/Node 050/023 and for a while “sanity” was my nickname in the v.early days of the internet and my first regular email address was sanity [at] cix [dot] co [dot] uk – I cut my ties to that address in 2004 after 14yrs of use.

7. I like to be deliberately (some say reactionary) different and frequently refuse to capitalise the I in internet!

8. I have willingly done a parachute jump and want to progress on to free fall.

9. I have equally been in an underground cave where the only exit was via an underwater tunnel.

10. I’m willing to do or try anything (legal) once.

11. I’m allergic to mushrooms and plasters (band aids).

12. My dream car is a McLaren F1 but would settle for owning a Koenigsegg.

13. I used to play the trumpet but my son easily trounces me in ability and grades!

14. My original career choice was as an RAF Pilot – when I was told I needed A Level Chemistry I opted to be an Electronics Technician. Despite passing all their tests with flying colours they offered me a post as a Truck driver. I didn’t take it.

15. Before finally getting into computing I worked various jobs including: Sales Asst at Marks & Spencers; Sales Asst at SupaSports (long since swallowed up by Olympus Sports); Odd job boy to the odd job man at an Halal bakers; office junior at an estate agents; delivery wallah; BBC Scenic Operative and others …

15. I was living on my own in London at the age of 16.

16. I used to smoke.

17. I was probably one of the first ‘official’ keepers of the “Unofficial Smiley Dictionary” and maintained it from 1988 to 1994.

18. I am a lover of gadgets but don’t have enough money for everything I want.

19. I am Tech Support to my family and friends and a I freely give that support.

20. I would love to be my own boss but don’t have the courage to do so and neither do I know what I’d do.

21. I was a founding member of the British version of EFF before EFF expanded its borders. It was called CommUnity – the Computer Communicaters Association. It was formally formed March 14th 1993

22. This year, 2009, will be my first ever holiday with friends.

23. I grew up in Africa and Malta.

24. My mother is buried at sea.

25. I am a “born-again” Christian but would say I don’t fit into what is the usually perceived World view of one… I  also believe evolution is a valid scientific theory that doesn’t contradict my beliefs.

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  • Skitty says:

    Nice to hear about you again Stuart . Sounds like your life turned out ok in the end eh? Sish i ould have said the same .
    All the best

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