For those who don’t live in the South Wales area and in particular for those that don’t read the Glamorgan Gazette then here is the extract from last weeks edition ….

Mr Davies highlighted the achievements of Owen Dyckhoff, who gained four B grades at A level despite a severe hearing impairment.

Even more remarkably, he suffered from glandular fever during the examinations and had to be hospitalised!

He is now looking forward to continuing his education at Aberystwyth University.

Owen’s mother, Kathryn, said: “Owen has worked very hard and he has always said he wants to show that as someone who has hearing problems, he is at no disadvantage.

“Owen gained six A*s and five A grades at GCSE, the majority of which were for languages.

“For a deaf person to excel at languages is clearly remarkable.”

To read it in situ then click here and scroll down until you get to the Pencoed bit.

And to round all of this off – he’s even been offered an excellence bursary by the university which means he’s done remarkably well all round.

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