I so enjoyed doing the first random 25 things about me that I decided to do another – but promise I won’t do another one for a long time … maybe!

1. I’m frequently accused of being “too happy” to be at work.

2. I still have my first ever teddy bear – it’s a Koala which is going bald (like its owner) and has lost its claws!

3. I co-founded and co-lead a drama group for 17 years.

4. I cried at the birth of each of my children. I have three alive that easily could have been more except for tragic losses.

5. My youngest child is a surviving twin – his twin tragically mis-carried before we ever met him / her.

6. I would happily exist on steak, chips and peas for the rest of my life if I had to pick just one meal!

7. My earnings put me in the top 0.43% of the world according to the Global Rich List. That still leaves room for some 50 Million or so that earn more than me!

8. I was born on the 7th and am a second child. My uncle was born on the 7th and is a second child. 7 is my favourite number. 7 is the number of perfection.

9. My father was born on the 20th and is an eldest child. My brother is also born on the 20th and is an eldest child.

10. I’m not and never have been a yes man.

12. To go along with #3 – I co-ordinated, planned, stage managed and produced a production in our local church of a popular fairy tale re-told with a  Christian slant. This involved dragging some extremely disparate characters together that didn’t always want to play nicey nice with each other. And yes, I was responsible for the abomination that was our website.

12. I have no heroes but there are lots of people I respect immensely.

13. I can happily waste five days watching test cricket that ends in a draw but have no patience for things of a much shorter duration.

14. My highest ever score in professional cricket was 24 not out. I used to style myself on Ian Botham – if it came near and my bat connected then it was going across the boundary.

15. I used to play for an officially sanctioned cricket team known as the The 5C’s – Cricklewood Christian Churches Cricket Club.

16. I am an avid reader of books – mostly science fantasy, crime and thrillers.

17. I went to public boarding school(s). My parents stated intention was “for a stable education” but due to circumstances I ended up at three different schools. Oddly, had I stayed at home I would have only need to attend two local schools!

18. I can honestly say that while I was at school I thoroughly enjoyed my time. None of that wistful looking back with rose tinted glasses. I can’t say that my teachers ever enjoyed me in return!

19. My rugby coach told me one day that I was a “very good player” and then went on to tell me that I needed to put on weight to be a very, very good player. I was left saddened and confused because as a slightly overweight teenager I was desperately trying to lose weight to attract the girls. It was only later in life I realised he meant muscular bulk!

20. Physics was my favourite subject at school and to this day I would still like to do a Physics degree – and yes I am jealous of my eldest doing Physics and Comp Sci as his degrees.

21. Officially my IQ is in the genius level range – though I don’t consider myself to be one.

22. I was persuaded into organising a school reunion and then the co-organiser did nothing. Although the reunion will not be happening now, I have still managed to track down 39 of 56 folks I haven’t seen or spoken too in 28yrs!

23. I’m a download junky. I constantly try out new programs once but then rarely use them again and there they stay until I rebuild my system!

24. I officially have 2 x prolapsed discs! Ouch

25. One of my long time very good friends, Chris Naudi, commented on seeing me for the first time in >20yrs … “how can I mistake that walk”. It feels weird that I was recognised from the back at a distance of some 100+ yards purely by my walk!

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