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Our baby boy turns 21 on Sunday.

It hardly seems like 21 years since God blessed us with this tiny thing.

And when we say tiny, we mean tiny.

Owen was born 11½ weeks early on September 19th 1989 at 14:12 weighing just 2lbs 12oz (1.24kg) and dire predictions from the attendant paediatrician was that he wouldn’t survive the day. By the way, did you spot the link between time of birth and his weight?

Owen certainly isn’t the smallest or lightest or earliest baby to ever survive but 21yrs ago the medical staff were astounded that he did. When he was born (in the now demolished East Glamorgan Hospital) he was one of four babies born that weekend that were all 28 weeks (or thereabouts) gestation. Owen was the one that fought through and won his battle for life – the other 3 lost their fights one by one. We all grieved in some way for each loss but our hearts still go out to those that didn’t pull through and we remain constantly thankful to our God for the miracle that is Owen.

Owen, the world is quite literally your oyster and with your skills, talents and abilities you can do anything you want – we love you and have from the second you were conceived. Go get ’em.

Just a quick one – will try to remember to post a picture later …

Anyway, last Saturday the children and I attained our 7th Gup in Tang Soo Do. In terms of belt colours we are still Orange belt but now it has a green stripe on it.The big boss (Master Trudgill) tried to put a downer on everyone though by telling us all that only 1, maybe 2 in every 100 that starts Tang Soo Do will give it up before they attain their black belt. Not the best way to promote the art I guess – but it isn’t stopping us

Unfortunately towards the end of the grading my right knee tried to stop me by, so I’m now told, over-extending and causing me great pain. The physio tells me today that it isn’t that severe but a few weeks rest won’t go amiss.

Tang Soo.


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In our house, July 4th is important for only one reason.

It’s Jenna’s birthday.

And this year she turned 10.


Apologies for the blurred aspect of the picture but this is the last picture my camera managed to take before it died – I guess the quality of it is partly due to its imminent death.

Still, I want to say …

My princess you are beautiful and I pray that you continue to bring love and peace whenever you walk into a room – you have a unique ability to calm the storms, to bring rest to the weary, joy to the sad and light to all.

Never let that go.

I love you Jenna – happy birthday my angel.

Daddy x

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