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First, just a quick explaination to the picture.

As a family we recently spent half term down West Wales and on one day we headed to Folly Farm. Coel loved it for the Zebras and Jenna for the Giraffes amongst many other delights.

Anyway, towards the days end we’re wandering the inner area where there are old style fairground rides and I spot Coel’s hero – Shane Williams and after asking if he’d mind the picture to the left is the result.

Anyway – main reason for the update is that on Monday (July 5th) Coel has to go into hospital for 72hrs and have his internal workings (I’m trying to be delicate here) completely flushed out in an effort to finally get to the root (I could have punned badly here) of his Infant IBS.

It’s not going to be fun for him or for Kathryn so please can you remember them both in your prayers and more importantly that either this ‘fixes’ his issue or the specialists can finally identify a cause that can be fixed.

So once again Kathryn has proven how adept she is at creating something out of nothing.

Here we have Jenna & Coel and a friend thoroughly enjoying themselves over a 2 or 3hr period with nothing but a garden slide, water and plastic sheeting.

Who says you need TV’s or gadgets in this day and age to have fun?

Well … not really.

Last night was the family (aka Jenna, Coel and myself) jaunt to our Tang Soo Do lesson.

Towards the end it saw all three of us sat on the side for one reason or another which caused Ma’am to ask us if “we were on a family vacation” – the funny thing being is that we’d just come back from one and that possibly didn’t help.

Some context though …

Jenna was the first one sidelined. She was exhausted and physically couldn’t stand. But then she had also been in a school swimming gala that morning, then done an hour of ballet practice in the afternoon and finally ended up in the steaming hot gym hall that is our Tang Soo Do class.

Next to fail was myself. My excuse – 12hrs straight in work before heading down the gym and not enough food or fluids inside me. After a particularly brutal, lets mangle the senses type exercise my head went spinning and if I didn’t lie down I’d be passing out.

Finally, Coel who’d also been in the same swimming gala was doing fine when a freak slip with his partner caused the kick pad to glance his left eye and he couldn’t see out of  it.

So lessons learned:

  1. Ensure you are well fed and hydrated before exercising on a hot day in a hot gym.
  2. Ensure you haven’t already indulged in several hours of exercise beforehand.
  3. Pay attention at all times.

Have you ever felt like you’re on vacation when you should be ‘up and at them’?

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