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Image from:’s been a while since my last update and to be honest I’ve been concentrating on my other web properties.

Please do have a look:

– my photo a day blog.
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Though truth be told the writing aspect has very much taken a back seat, so here’s a quick roundup.

Owen is safely ensconced in Geneva in Switzerland and now has the room to accommodate folks that don’t mind sharing with him. He is very much “living his dream” at CERN despite Madame Fruitbat** attempting to sabotage it all.

Jenna started “big school” and is loving the newness of it and has now started to learn the flute on top of piano & violin.

Coel meanwhile is enjoying the new found freedom of not having his sister to watch over and report his every action. Also, despite winning the world title in sparring for his age and grade in Tang Soo Do he has hung up the gloves and like his sister no longer participates.

All three remain in good health – though we have to take Owen’s word about that sometimes!

As for Kathryn, she is still soldiering on with her ‘illness’ and on top of that found out she had a cancerous mole on her big toe that turned out to be a melanoma – one very hasty op later and she now needs a bit of minor plastic surgery which is booked for early days of October. But due to speed of discovery and removal prognosis is excellent.

As for myself – well I just keep on keeping on as my old pastor used to say and today I head into new territory. Today I hope to leave my younger children behind when I grade to 4th gup. My ambition being very much to secure that black belt.

More anon or look me up on facebook for more frequent and up to the minute news.

** our name for his lunatic and now ex-landlady.
And should anybody be looking to stay in Geneva then please contact us first so that we can advise whom to avoid.

It’s not far off 2 years since I last touched on this… but once again I find I (we) are the victim of fraud.

The last time I was never given a definitive answer as to what, who or why but the presumption was that some disgruntled offshore employee was passing information onwards.

This time it’s quite a clear case of someone or someones with cojones the size of a wrecking ball has taken 2 debit cards and my driving license photo ID card.

Left the cash.

Left the credit card.

And left the savings account cash card.

Then they’ve waltzed into town (Bridgend) and withdrawn £1200 from our Halifax account and then literally gone round the corner to the Abbey and taken £500. Then they or someone else has done the same again with the Halifax in Neath and then Swansea – thankfully the Abbey has a £500 per day limit whereas it would appear that Halifax’s is per branch per day!

So a total of £4,100 …gone.

I won’t bore you with all the details but I phoned both banks when I discovered this and the Halifax have been super helpful and are investigating. The Abbey stopped my card but wouldn’t investigate until I turned up at a branch today with “photo ID” to prove whom I was. Anybody else see the irony here?

What it did allow was for me to see the signature on the debit slip – clearly I can see it isn’t mine but equally had I been a member of staff I’d have accepted it.

The kicker, as I see it, is that I can’t pinpoint when or how they got the cards.

I can only identify one bit of time (approx 1hr) that my wallet was not in my physical possession – and that was when I was at the gym. However, the wallet was in the same pocket as my shiny new phone (HTC Desire HD) inside a locked locker and the key hanging round my neck!

So why not take the phone as well?

The rest of the time it was with me in my pocket.


eCard 2010

I realise it’s a bit of an uphill battle and what with needing electricity, etc to see this but here is our green Christmas Card for 2010.

We trust this finds you well and if we haven’t spoken recently then our apologies – please do get in touch.

Here’s hoping you have a blessed, peaceful, relaxed and joyful festive season and that 2011 brings you all your hearts desires.

Stuart, Kathryn, Owen, Jenna & Coel – aka SKOJC

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