What is it with the word Free and Cash when put together in the same sentence?

Is it that we have become too jaded and when someone says “free cash” we only ever expect physical pound coins or notes to be placed in our sticky mitts?

I ask because getting cashback on your internet based shopping is big business and one of the big ones (that I use and like) is TopCashBack. So far with TCB I’ve saved free, gratis, nada, for nothing in excess of £500 on my shopping. The only downsides, as I see them, are:

  • you have to setup an account with TCB
  • you have to do a search for your product and / or supplier at the TCB site
  • you then have to follow their links to the supplier and complete your order wholly online.

This works for electronics, white goods, insurance, etc, etc … in fact if you can think of a category / supplier you can probably find them offering cashback on top of the same price you pay by going direct to their website.

Some recent highlights of mine are:

  • £100 cashback when we signed up to Sky – that was on top of the fantastic deal and was equivalent to an extra 5mths free rental
  • £70 back on my mobile phone purchase
  • £60 back on another mobile phone
  • £10 back on a washing machine
  • and so on

So why do I ask if people are jaded or suspect the words Free and Cash in the same sentence?

Simply because TCB (and other cashback sites) almost always offer affiliate or referral earnings. At present TCB are offering me £5 for free for every one of my friends or family that sign up. On top of that you also get £5. The only requirement is that you sign up and reach a minimum spend level (currently £5). The usual deal is £2.50.

Anyway, I fairly recently offered my F&F this via facebook and 96 of them clicked through to teh offer. A further 2 went the extra step and signed up. But as of today – not one of them has actively used their account.

So I conclude … you don’t like free cash.

If you do, simply click here: TopcashBack Referral.

But you could prove me wrong.

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