The October half term is upon us again and as usual the family are away with the grandparents and I’m home alone.

But don’t be sad for me. I get invited along and every year I decline so that I can have some much needed me space. I was once advised (a long time ago) by some0ne that had been married for longer than Kathryn & I have now (24┬Żyrs) that every couple should have time apart every year. I agree.

Anyway, this year it happens to coincide with me also having my shift rota fit nicely so that I get 4 days at home.

Weather depending I have a lot of things to do.

I also want to contemplate stuff.

One of the things I want to contemplate is how to continue to encourage my children to continue on with their Tang Soo Do. I don’t know how to communicate to them (anymore) that re-doing stuff is par for the course and even if they become black belts one day then they will still need to re-do what they know.

So any suggestions gratefully accepted.

For now I just want to get them to their green belts which is at the end of November…. and I’m not even close to being ready!

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