So anot20121202-SCRD_121202_00031her year has come and gone and this blog has seen no action.

But as a family we’ve been busy as ever and various things have happened. Here’s what I’ll say – look Kathryn or myself up on Facebook (I promise you we are the only Stuart or Kathryn Dyckhoff there) and you’ll get all our news.

Not on Facebook then either use this as your excuse to sign up or simply ask us.

But some highlights of the year:

– paid off our mortgage
– family holiday to Orlando, Florida
– Owen finished Uni finally.
– Jenna passed more music exams and is really getting into her rugby.
– Coel started ‘big school’ and joined the orchestra.

So in the best Welsh tradition let me wish you all “Nadlog Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda”


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