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There’s a Bon Jovi song that has the line:

We’re half way there, living on a prayer.

At the moment that’s exactly how I feel.

I am now exactly half way along my journey of obtaining my black belt (before I turn 50). Last Saturday Coel and I graded to 5th Gup in Traditional Tang Soo Do. 5th Gup is also known (in our federation) as green belt with one red tag. The second half of the line also points to just how much work I have left to do.

After having had what our M’am calls a “brain fart” during the opening 3 or 4 techniques I have to confess to being surprised that I am half way there.

I need to improve on my Korean.

I need to improve on my remembering of the forms.

In short, I need to improve.

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