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I find I’m forgetting to update this site.

But then I also don’t know how many of you actually read this stuff and whether my efforts here are wasted or not? I suppose I ought to intsall analytics and then at least I’d know if I was being visited. Alternatively you could just let me know you do read this and it’s useful.

Anyway – my last update saw me hoping to do my red belt. And as it turns out I did do my grading and somehow manages to completely mess up one form that I know inside out and backwards as they say. The two forms I was most worried about – Chilsung Il Ro and Pyung Ahn Sa Dan went smoothly.

But for some unknown reason Pyung Ahn E Dan I completely and utterly stuffed up.

My M’am pulled me aside and told me what I did wrong and as she started to tell me I was nodding and muttering “I know, I know” because guess what …? I do know.

Still long story short due to circumstances my re-grade will not be the end of September but instead I’m aiming for the one at the end of November.

Tang Soo.

My red belt test is either imminent or I’ve 4 months to wait.

Only Wednesday and how well I perform (or don’t) in training will decide whether next Saturday I step up to the plate and do my red belt test. If I fall short it will be entirely my fault. If I do fall short then I’ll have to wait until the end of September as the July grading we are away for.

Not from lack of effort.

Not from lack of application.

And most certainly not from lack of extra-curricular training.

What it will come down to is my own stupidity and doing the wrong thing in the ‘heat of the moment’. As an example, today I stepped up to do a ‘front stretch kick, round house kick’ (ahp cha go dull ro cha gi) combination and I went to put a spin between the two kicks. The thing is I know there is no spin so why did I put the spin in?

As I say my stupidity.

Anyway, watch this space or better still watch my stream on Google+ for much quicker updates.

… then so it is time for our annual update.

Last year I said you need to read this blog for updates but then got totally sidetracked in not providing many – my last post How To Find Me goes some way to explaining the why but in reality events that happened I just forgot to post here.

So what did happen in 2011?

Kathryn and I hit the 25years of marriage milestone mark and have yet to celebrate it – we really wanted to do a cruise but money and time prevent that. Instead (and I can say this here because Kathryn never reads this site) we have a weekend away next year, sans children, at posh hotel & spa in West Wales. It’s one of the little pressies she’s getting this Christmas.

We did allow myself (you’ll understand why presently) a shiny new DSLR plus bits as our present to ourselves – not that Kathryn has done any more than just look at it yet. Still, some of the results of my experiments with it can be seen over at my photo blog. I was also conned into creating a school calendar for Coel’s school with it and I’m led to believe it has been the schools single best fund raiser to date. Not bad for an amateur snapper.

Kathryn has seen some Read the rest of this entry »

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