So Owen has been gone for two weeks now but to be honest it doesn’t feel like he’s actually left yet!

What with the daily text messages, phone calls and skype sessions he may as well be here. Some of his calls have been along the lines of:

  • how do I re-heat frozen egg fried rice?
  • I have a clash in my schedule, which one should I attend?
  • When you next come to Aber you must see the vernacular at night
  • (and the following day) I lost one of my hearing aids last night

Aside from the occasional personal crisis, all of his own making, he appears to have fully settled into the student lifestyle and is loving the challange to his abilities.

He is still suffering from the glandular fever and this is most noticeable towards the end of a day when his energy levels dramatically disappear. Yesterday he also met his Comp Sci personal tutor … turns out not only is he a really nice person, he’s a christian and he’s Dutch which really flicked Owen’s switch.

Kathryn is now back at work having taken a week off having stressed herself out (again) mostly over Owen and his health. She’s also on a diet, again, and this time I’ve come out in sympathy as I need to shed a few excess pounds and it is always easier when two do it.

Jenna and Coel meanwhile continue to thrive. Both have received pupil of the week awards in the last two weeks – Jenna can’t remember why but Coel’s was for making a real effort in impoving his handwriting.

Me – I’m off to London for the week on a training course.

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