In all the hassle and frenzy of life and the usual merry go round of things I’ve completely forgotten to update one and all on Owen’s future choices.

After many hours of agonising, asking lecturers and listening to his parents Owen has decided on his future place of learning ….. Aberystwyth on the wet and windy west coast of Wales! The choice of course is a joint (or double) honours in Computer Science and Physics.

Owen, according to his computer teacher, is the brightest computer student he’s ever had and he is allowed to do what he wants these days as his knowledge has, in his teacher’s own words “far surpassed that of mine” to which he said it’s not surprising considering what I do. However he also loves Physics and was loathed to give that up which made the choice of Uni’s somewhat easier as only three of the seven we went to do the joint honours course and two of those are in Wales with the third being in Scotland. To be honest it only matters where he goes in terms of will he enjoy it and can his mother get reasonably quick access to him! Mothers!

The two things that helped push his choice to Aber was the whole “Welsh” life thing they have going there and Owen is hoping to re-pickup his Welsh. The second aspect was that his current stated ambition is to leave Uni as a Dr. Dyckhoff and we pointed out that he doesn’t have to do his doctorate where he does his degree. It might be prudent but not necessary and as his big love in Physics is particle and nuclear physics (currently) then Swansea has a really good setup for these and also have a large part to do with the Hadron Collider at Cern. So realising he is able to change locations after his degree and loving the Welsh aspect and I guess the fact that Aber got Number 1 Student Experience of the year last year all helped make dis decision.

Now we just need to organise him to get there, claim the relevant support he’s allowed, apply for this, apply for that … thankfully one of his good mates at school is also doing Comp Science at Aber and is telling him what he needs to be doing and by when.

Keep praying for him though please.

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